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Cost-effective support to keep your business safe, compliant, and profitable.
Risk Assessment
Incident Response
Social Engineering Prevention
Network Security
Mitigation Strategy
Business Continuity &
Disaster Recovery
Cloud Security
Computer Forensics
  1. Incident Response
    Incident response is our premier service, providing rapid response to halt the incident, limit losses, and recover operations. Incidents typically involve data breach/loss, network intrusion, virus/malware infestation, or cyber extortion - (ransomware, denial of service, threat of damage/attack to network, theft of confidential information).
  2. Network Security
    This service provides a full assessment of your current network setup and offers direction to enhance your security and meet your unique needs. This is a proactive service with the mission of preventing intrusion and potential loss of data.
  3. Risk Assessment
    This in-depth comprehensive analysis is critical for determining your specific risks, enabling you to target your resources most effectively. This assessment includes evaluation of external and internal threats along with both technical and non-technical (physical) security.
  4. Mitigation Strategy
    Using the risk assessment, a cost-effective strategy is crafted to limit the impact from your exposure to cyber threats. Recommendations are focused on the goal of securing day to day operations.
  5. Social Engineering Prevention
    Social Engineering is the most common and effect tool utilized by cyber-criminals. Social Engineering involves the manipulation of the human element to then gain access and implement an intrusion. This service focuses on a proactive approach to thwart cyber attacks before your business is impacted.
  6. Presentations
    Cybersecurity seminars, guest speaker roles, and group training are the primary features of this service. Pro bono presentations are available to schools, church and community groups, and to non-profit organizations.
  1. Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning
    Few businesses can afford downtime following a catastrophic crisis. Developing effective strategies to recover and restore your business to productive operation is the core goal of this service. This critical preparation is typically performed in conjunction with our Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategy.
  2. Cloud Security Assessment
    The move to the Cloud provides advantages, however also increases risk. This service provides a due diligence review of your current Cloud service to determine the service providers' environment and protections such as shared technology, encryption use, and security monitoring.
  3. Computer Forensics
    This service deals with discovery and preservation of evidence in preparation for possible litigation. Areas of forensic services include intellectual property theft, mobile device forensics, employee misconduct, family law, fraud, internal investigations, and expert witness testimony.
  4. We know geek, but we speak Business
    Translating complex technology into the language of business is what we are all about. Lighthouse Business Consulting Services, LLC is a business-focused firm dedicated to meeting the cybersecurity needs of small businesses. All of our services are customized to the needs of your business with the mission of helping you to stay safe, compliant, and profitable.
Terry M Evans, CEO

"We translate complex technology into the language of business.
Decision makers should understand their unique risks and mitigation strategies as they relate to profitability."

“We understand the importance of spending resources wisely.
Small business owners in particular can’t afford to waste money on services that they either don’t need, don’t understand, or will not use.”

Terry Evans is a seasoned business and cybersecurity consultant with a career spanning over 20 years, including leadership and management roles in government and private sectors.
Mr. Evans holds several degrees including a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Science-Cybersecurity.
Mr. Evans serves as a Fellow for the National Cybersecurity Institute located in Washington, DC.

Small businesses are major targets for cyber crime, primarily due to their inability to access cost-effective cybersecurity. Lighthouse Business Consulting Services, LLC provides small business owners with the support they need to stay safe, compliant, and profitable.
Our mission is to deliver customized and affordable "only what you need" service and support.

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